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Apostle George Ryland

Apostle George John Ryland


Apostle George John Ryland was born in Newcastle in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa on the 2nd December 1953. He spent his childhood alternating between Newcastle and Johannesburg. He completed his high school at Harding State High School in Kwa-Zulu Natal. He then moved to Johannesburg permanently.

He spent several years living on the rough side of town and was involved in all that goes with it. Despite this he decided to give himself to study. He enrolled at the Highveld Technical College where he studied Steel Manufacturing. Thereafter he worked for several years in the steel manufacturing industry.


Wanting to improve his qualifications he applied to study at the Witswatersrand Technicon that is now incorporated into the University of Johannesburg. This was during the apartheid years when study at this institution was barred to people of colour. He persevered and eventually after much pressure this institution was opened for study to all. After three years of study he received a diploma in Production Engineering. He then worked for several years in the Production Engineering field and quickly progressed into the management of the large company he was working for. This was quite a feat when apartheid was still very strong.

Spiritual growth

At the age of twenty eight some friends invited him to a Full Gospel Business Peoples meeting where he heard the gospel for the first time. A few days later, on the 21st May 1981, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as personal saviour. He describes his born again experience and thereafter his baptism in water as having a very deep effect on him. He immediately began testifying and preaching that Jesus Christ is Lord. He preached in peoples homes, in busses, on street corners and wherever he was given an opportunity.

He then began to seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This he received with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This resulted in earnest praying and dynamic preaching. He began to eagerly desire the supernatural.

Soon thereafter the Lord created circumstances that propelled him into the ministry. He began a church called Redemption Centre in a place called Ennerdale, in the south of Johannesburg. The Lord began to use him and the church rapidly grew to several hundred members. The fires of revival began to burn. Many people got saved and unclean spirits came out crying with a loud voice. Testimonies of healing and deliverance filled the tent in which services were now being held.

Realizing the need for proper ministry training Apostle George Ryland enrolled at Rhema Bible Training Centre where he studied for two years and obtained a Diploma. During the formative years of his ministry he added numerous ministry enrichment seminars. Those were the days of what was labeled the faith movement and he particularly followed strongly after the writings of Kenneth E Hagin.

Growing the church

Redemption Centre grew and began to make a tremendous impact on its community and beyond. Delegates came in from across South Africa to the Faith Conventions hosted by Redemption Centre. They went back to their churches and implemented what they caught and what was taught. Through the Redemption Centre Bible School more than a thousand students graduated and are serving in churches throughout South Africa and beyond. More than fifty pastors who are pastoring churches today have come out of the congregation of Redemption Centre. Particularly, close to his heart was the ministry that developed on death row. More than fifty condemned men accepted Christ as saviour and formed a church in prison.

During the volatile years of the struggle against apartheid he played a strong peace keeping role in Ennerdale and the surrounding areas. He started one of the first community development forums in the country bringing all political parties, civic associations, business associations, school bodies etc together that resulted in many community enrichment projects being implemented.

Spiritual maturity & authority

Apostle George Ryland has served beyond the local church in ministerial bodies on an executive level. He has over the years developed an extensive network of relationships across South Africa. He is also a sought after Convention speaker having ministered in many conferences and seminars.

Apostle George Ryland met Ruth Maude Coetzee in February 1996 and after a romantic courtship they got married on the 6th September 1997. The Lord has blessed them with three lovely children. Tiffinny is the eldest and is fourteen years old. Then comes Daniel who is twelve years old. George Jr is nine years old. They also hold guardianship over a beautiful young girl called Calynn. She is sixteen years old.

He has traveled extensively, having visited the USA, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Britain and Singapore.

Apostle George John Ryland entered a new phase of his ministry in 2008. A new move of the Holy Spirit has begun in his ministry and he is following that closely.